Friday, October 17, 2008

I am Joe the Plumber

I am a middle-class American, who supports a family of 5.

I work hard every day to make ends meet. I don't make over 250k, but I hope to one day make much, much more.

I believe in the American Dream, the dream that anyone who wants to succeed has the opportunity to succeed. It's the dream that made my grandmother bring my father from Italy on a boat half a century ago, and the dream that my maternal grandmother believed in when she worked at the Brooklyn Naval Yard during WWII.

I believe that penalizing people for their success while reaching for the American Dream is un-American.

I believe that I have a right to ask a question about a presidential candidates' policies without being subjected to a full fledged attempt to discredit me and destroy my life by people who fear my question.

I believe that it's not the governments job to "Spread the Wealth", unless that government is extremely Socialist or Communist.

I know Communism doesn't work, we all do. Ask most of the people that live around me in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, who fled from the greatest failed Communist government. They came to live the American Dream.

I believe in the American Dream.

I am Joe the Plumber