Sunday, May 25, 2008

F-22 Raptor

I took the family to go see the Jones Beach Airshow this morning, where the F-22 made it's New York debut. The waiting in traffic, swarming gnats and flying umbrellas were all insignificant compared to moments like this:

The F-22 was truly majestic, I wish that I had used an actual video camera to take that rather then the video mode of my Olympus, and much like a Korn concert, recordings do not do the engine of the F-22 justice! For anyone who wants to see more at a better quality, Steve's Airshow World has a YouTube video up of the same routine presented a week ago by the Raptor at the Joint Services Open House at Andrews AFB in Maryland.

Of course the headliners of the show were the Blue Angels, who performed amazingly. It almost makes me laugh that no matter how many times I've seen them do similar acrobatics, I still feel a moment of fear when they wait until the last possible moments to maneuver around each other. A great show, by amazing pilots!


Celeste said...

Well said.