Thursday, March 13, 2008

Goodnight to the Wobbly Goblin

After 27 years, 7 of those years as a Black Project, The Nighthawk is being retired to free up funds for Air Force's modernization plans. Our first "Stealth" Fighter, the research that made it possible paved the way for the B-2 Spirit and other aircraft that came (and will come) after it. When I was younger, as they unclassified the project, I remember reading encyclopedia articles (yes this was before Google) about the F-117a and marveling at the engineering that went into creating this cutting edge machine.

As should be present at all goodbyes, those that knew it well are sharing their stories. Some more information can be found at (Including an explanation as to where the name Wobbly Goblin might have come from).

Goodbye Nighthawk! I hope to see one of you ("clean" of course) on the Intrepid soon, so I can say thank you personally!


Ed Z said...

I think it was OpSail 2000 when, from my balcony, I saw one fly up the Narrows. It was an incredible sight as it seemed other-worldly. The sound was like nothing I had ever heard.