Thursday, January 17, 2008

Personal Responsibility

The FDA has issued a new warning today:

The FDA strongly recommends to parents and caregivers that OTC cough and cold medicines not be used for children younger than 2...

The real issue, as an article from 1010WINS states, and as you can probably guess if you are already as used to this cow dung as I am:

Health groups acknowledge that while low doses of cold medicine don't usually endanger an individual child, the bigger risk is unintentional overdose. For example, the same ingredients are in multiple products, so using more than one for different symptoms can quickly add up. Also, children's medicines are supposed to be measured with the dropper or measuring cap that comes with each product, not an inaccurate kitchen teaspoon.

At least this is just a warning rather then a full recall, although lack of sales and CYA decisions by both the drug stores and the drug companies will probably see these items disappearing off the shelves soon.

So what of those of us that read the labels and fully understand the ingredients and dosage before we give our infants medicine? We are out of luck, because it has become unthinkable to hold those that aren't responsible accountable for their actions.